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Mermaid Dreams recognises that the most important concern with our products is their safety due to the nature of the product and the young customers who use them. Never forget at Mermaid Dreams, your child’s safety is our priority and your responsibility. Always respect the swimming environment! Your child's swimming abilities can be affected by restricted leg movement, making it more challenging to stay afloat. Our Mermaid Tails utilise the quick-release method outlined below. Familiarise yourself with, and practice with your child, the quick release method and follow our recommendations. 

Before purchasing or using our products, please take all care and precautions to ensure this is the right product for you or your child.

Please Remember

Adult Supervision
Our mermaid tails require active adults supervision at all times. 
Floatation Aids
When first starting out with our mermaid tails, stay in shallow water, close to the edge of the pool or use floatation devices such as a kickboard or pool noodle.
Take Breaks
As using our memaid tails is a physical activity, take regular breaks to avoid exhaustion.

How it works

Mermaid Tails are made from swimwear material that allow their use in the water. A user propels themself through the water using dolphin or butterfly kick. 

Quick Release Method


Step 1: Pull one foot out

While pushing one foot down pull your other foot up and out of the monofin. 

Step 2: Kick off Monofin

Repeat step 1, swapping feet and kick free of your monofin.

Step 3: Pull Tail down

Use your hands to pull down the waist of your tail to your knees.

Step 4: Swim out of the Tail

Swim free of the mermaid tail with your feet released.

Safety Recommendations

  • For children 7 years or older

    For children over 7 years old or children with knowledge of swimming and survival at least.
  • Supervision at all times

    Children must be supervised by adults.
  • Use in controlled environments

    Mermaid tails and monofins should only be used in environments with controlled conditions.
  • Do not walk in mermaid tail

    The tails should be placed close to the water. The user will not be able to walk on land and the product has not been designed for that purpose.
  • Practice dolphin/butterfly kick, then with monofin, then tail

    For first time users, it is highly recommended to learn how to swim as a dolphin before using the product. After having learned this basic technique, we recommend using the monofin without the mermaid tail until you feel comfortable and in control.