Product Features

Ultra-Shiny Tech
The fabric of our Mermaid Tails utilises special technology to add a shine to the designs and sparkle in the sun.
Multi-Way Stretch
The material we use for our Mermaid Tails allows for multi-way stretch for comfort and room for growth.
Long Lasting
The quality of our products ensure that they are durable and long lasting to create great value.
Safety Release
The design and structure of our Mermaid Tails and Monofins allow for a quick and easy removal.
Tip Protection
Our Mermaid Tails feature a plastic coating on the fin tips to help prevent wear and tear.
At Mermaid Dreams, we value customer satisfaction and aim to provide beautiful and good quality products.
- Mermaid Dreams Team

Benefits of a Mermaid Tail

Mermaid Tails are an exciting swimwear accessory that harnesses a child's sense of fantasy and wonder. 


Encourages active play


Stimulates imagination


Builds water confidence


Strengthens muscles